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Thank you for your interest in our 57th Annual Meeting.

The Meeting Tables at the Logistics Village (Expo) are SOLD OUT

Expo Meeting Tables

Meeting Table at Hilton Park Vienna

The Meeting Table Booths "Logistic Village" is located in the Klimt area at the Mezzanin level of the Hilton Vienna Park Hotel.   

  • Meeting table booth dimension: The meeting table booth has a surface of 2.85m X 2.85m, it is separated by octanorm panels (2.50 H)
  • Included furniture: rectangular table with 6 chairs, power socket with 4 outlets.
  • Branding. The Meeting Table Booth offers the option of internal branding (interiour walls), including the use of roll-ups or other branding materials. Bring in your own roll-up, stand equipment or contact SEG live Vienna.
    It is important to note that any adhesive branding applied must be completely removed by the lessee following the conclusion of the event. The lessee assumes full responsibility for any damages incurred to the booth or its components. Failure to comply with this regulation will result in a fee of minimum €250 for additional cleaning or removal services. Furthermore, if any components of the booth are damaged or if the adhesives cannot be removed without causing damage, the lessee will be responsible for fully compensating the replacement costs.
  •  Logo/Company details for signage: To avoid issues with wrong/missing company data we invite you to print your own A4 sign (horizontally oriented) with your company details/Logo to be attached outside the meeting table.
  • The list of all allocated tables is available on the EPCA event website. You will also be able to consult it on-site at the EPCA Information desks in the partner hotels. Companies/Delegates who do not wish their meeting table to appear on this list should explicitly inform the EPCA office of same in writing, sending this to:

Set-up Monday 25-Sep-2023 in the morning between 09:00 and 12:00.
Dismantling Thursday 28-Sep-2023 as of 17:00 and done by 20:00.

❗ NOTE: Public areas (outside of your allocated space) such as the foyer etc. are not available for branding.


Subject to changes

EPCA57 Meeting Tables Plan


Guest Badges

The Meeting Table rent includes three (3) re-usable guest badges. You can collect your guest badges at EPCA INFO DESK located at the ground floor of the Hilton Hotel as of 09:00 AM on Monday 25

Access of these guest badges is limited ONLY to the Klimt ballroom at hotel Hilton Park Vienna where the meeting tables are located. Guest badges are not personalized, for this reason they can be used multiple times by multiple guests; they do not give access to other meeting rooms, EPCA's business sessions and F&B function. They are valid for the entire duration of the event. The EPCA member company is responsible for the distribution of the guest badges to its partners and will be the sole responsible for their use.

Deadlines & Deliverables


Useful Contacts:

Venue: Hilton Vienna Park

Cornelia Stifter |  E: | A: Hilton Vienna (C&E DESK) Am Stadtpark 1, AT-1030 Wien, Austria
Logistics Village - Meeting Table location: Klimt Area - Mezzanine Level - Hilton Vienna Park, Am Stadtpark 1, 1030 Wien, Austria


Deliveries for your meeting table will be accepted by the Hilton Hotel from 22 September 2023. Please ensure that your company name and contact person on site are duly noted on the shipping label.
The acceptance of goods is open from 07:00 AM - 15:30 PM
❗ Ensure to coordinate your material delivery and set-up/dismantling times accordingly and use the SHIPPING LABEL 


You are free to bring in your own supplier in line with the venue (hotel) regulations, please contact Cornelia Stifter at

Food & Beverage: Hilton Park Vienna

A cash bar will be located close to the Meeting tables area
Note: no obligation from your side to order from the cash bar, just an additional service.
Payment will be requested to guest room account or via creditcard

Audio-Visual Supplier and Coordinator: SEG live Vienna

T: +43 1 205 551 7052 | M: +43 650 802 8022 | E:
Other furniture - shop: SEG Exhibitor Shop 2023 - Order Form: SEG Order Form 2023
DEADLINE: Please ensure that all orders are submitted to SEG by 10 August 2023 after this date orders may be rejected by the company. If a company fails to meet this deadline, neither EPCA nor the suppliers can guarantee the provision of services.

Branded Merchandise: Creator Meeting Support

Check out the online ordering tool or contact Steffen Kalverboer | Tel: +31 10-2763113 | E: mention EPCA57 Annual Meeting.

EPCA Staff:

EPCA team is happy to help!
For all meeting tables related questions please contact or phone +32 2 741 86 63 / 5 


For general question please have a look at the Frequently Asked Questions 👉 FAQ

T&C Meeting Tables

Meeting tables can be booked with EPCA’s assistance for use during the event through a fee

During the registration process the delegate can select meeting tables at the main hotel. The delegate is required to pay a rental fee to EPCA per allocated meeting table.

The number of meeting tables is limited. EPCA strives towards a balanced allocation of meeting tables between member companies. Therefore, EPCA will review the request for meeting tables and inform the delegate if the request cannot be accepted, or not accepted in full; in that case EPCA will also send an adapted proposal for meeting tables. If the delegates does not accept that proposal, the request will be cancelled and the meeting table fee will be refunded to the delegate.

Modification and/or cancellation by delegates

Cancellation of and modifications (changes) to meeting table bookings must be made in writing and sent to the EPCA Meeting Administration in Brussels at

The following refund policy will apply:

  • Cancellation received on or before 03 July 2023, 23:59 CET: reimbursement of the fee is limited to 60% of the full rental fee.
  • Cancellation received between 04 July 2023, 00:00 CET and 31 July 2023, 23:59 CET: reimbursement of the fee is limited to 40% of the full rental fee.
  • Cancellation received on or after 01 August 2023, 00:00 CET: no reimbursement of the full rental fee.
  • No-shows: no reimbursement of the full rental fee.

To allow EPCA to operate in a sustainable way, an administrative fee of one hundred Euro (€ 100.00) per change will be charged from the third (3rd) change onwards in the same registration and/or meeting room or meeting table booking.


Processing of personal data and cookies
Personal data
Personal data is information that identifies and relates to a delegate. In the case of EPCA events, it includes but is not limited to: last name, first name, business mailing address, office telephone, mobile telephone number, business email address, job title, VAT number and legal documentation required under EU VAT codes, picture and voice, as well as other personal information the delegate may disclose as part of the event.
Delegates can obtain from EPCA (data protection officer available at the written communication of their data, as well as, where applicable under the GDPR, portability of the data, rectification, restriction of processing, deletion of those which are inaccurate, incomplete or irrelevant. For further information or to lodge a complaint delegates may also contact the supervisory authority of the country of your habitual residence.

Privacy policy
The personal data and information that the Delegates provide to EPCA, are processed by EPCA in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27April 2016. The personal data is used in compliance with our Privacy Policy which is available on our website at the following address: 
In addition to the provisions of that Privacy Policy the personal data of the Delegate will be processed by EPCA for meeting management purposes only and more specifically:
a)    To provide access (and to monitor such access) to the EPCA Annual Meeting and to allow a participation to the EPCA Annual Meeting (this is needed for the performance of the agreement between EPCA and the Delegate regarding the participation to the EPCA Annual Meeting - article 6.1.b) GDPR) ; In particular, the name of the Delegate and the company represented will be displayed on the badge or screen, or at least made available to other attendants, and recorded, if the Delegates attends a session of the Annual Meeting or another event. In case of questions asked during the Q&A sessions of the business sessions, EPCA can also identify the individual delegate. When the delegate participates in-person to sessions that are recorded and broadcasted online, it is possible that the Delegates image and/or voice will appear incidentally.
b)    To ensure that the Delegates abide to the rules of the present Terms & Conditions (which is a legitimate interest of EPCA - article 6.1.f) GDPR);
c)    To make the contact details of the Delegate available to the other Delegates (EPCA has a legitimate interest that Delegates know who is participating to the EPCA Annual Meeting - article 6.1. f) GDPR). However, EPCA delegates who do not wish their name and/or contact details to appear on the attendance list available in the member companies' area of the EPCA website, the event online platform and associated app for registered Delegates should tick the appropriate box during the registration process. Not ticking the relevant box upon registration or the absence of written instructions not to be included will result in publication of the Delegate's details in the abovementioned list.
d)    To transfer the contact details of the participants to health authorities of the location of the Annual Meeting, in order for these authorities to trace and contact EPCA delegates in case of sanitary related matters (the transmission of the data is necessary for compliance with a legal obligation to which EPCA is subject- article 6.1.c) GDPR) 

Third party data processing
EPCA can transmit the personal data of the delegate to third parties when this is needed or useful for the processing described above. 
This is the case for the data needed for the booking of rooms: the personal data of the delegate needed for such booking will be transferred to the hotel selected by the delegate. Once transferred, the hotel will be the controller of these data: it is for the delegate to read the privacy policy of the selected hotel.  
The delegate is also informed that the processing of the delegate's personal data by third parties can encompass a transfer of data outside the EEA, and more particularly in countries where the level of protection of personal data is not the same as under the GDPR. Such transfer is however needed for the performance of the agreement between EPCA and the delegate regarding the delegate's participation to the EPCA Annual Meeting. Furthermore, where the data are processed by a subcontractor of EPCA in such countries, EPCA has taken additional measures to ensure the protection of the delegate's personal data when these data are processed outside the EEA, i.e., EPCA has signed Standard Contractual Clauses with the company running the event online platform (iDloom). More information regarding these measures can be obtained from the EPCA office by emailing iDloom also installs cookies and unique identifiers on the delegate equipment, which are necessary to identify the delegate upon joining the streamed business sessions. This is needed for carrying out the transmission of a communication over an electronic communications network and is also strictly necessary in order for EPCA to provide access to the EPCA Annual Meeting. The list of cookies used by iDloom can be found here and here.

 Applicable law and competent courts
The present Terms and Conditions as well as all relationships and contracts with EPCA in relation with the Annual Meeting shall be exclusively governed and construed in accordance with Belgian law. All disputes in relation with the present Terms and Conditions and/or with the Annual Meeting shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Brussels (Belgium), without prejudice to EPCA’s right to initiate proceedings before the courts of the Delegate’s registered office in the event that any sums are due by the Delegate to EPCA.


Start: 25 September 2023
End: 28 September 2023
EPCA The European Petrochemical Association

Hilton Vienna Park, Am Stadtpark, Vienna, Austria

Am Stadtpark 1
1030 Wien Wien

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